japanese valentine

Posted by kyden on Saturday Feb 14, 2015 Under Uncategorized

today is valentine’s day.  sienna and i both celebrated at school earlier this week, which is a good thing because nobody seems to know about valentine’s day here at home.  no candy, no hearts, no cute cards — except for the cards that sienna and i made for mommy, of course.

20150214-IMG_0081but today is special for another reason.  we had a special visitor!  daddy’s friend, auntie miho, came to visit all the way from japan.   she and daddy went to high school together, then she moved all the way to japan and has lived there ever since.  she says she met me at auntie lisa and uncle nelson’s wedding 3 years ago, but i don’t remember that.

auntie miho, uncle mike, and auntie judy all came over.  auntie miho brought lots of special japanese cookies and candies that we had never seen before.  (something tells me that sienna and i won’t get to eat all of them.)  we ate the yummy dinner that mommy and daddy made, then we hung out all night.  i guess you could say that we were each others’ valentines. 🙂

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