honesty is a virtue

Posted by kyden on Saturday Feb 7, 2015 Under sienna

20150125-IMG_5630mommy and daddy often say that sienna is a mean girl (and she is!), but she can also be very sweet.  every day, mommy reminds sienna to be a sweet girl at school.  and when she picks her up in the evening, she asks her if she was a mean girl or a sweet girl that day.  usually, sienna says that she was a sweet girl, but she sometimes struggles to come up with an example of something she did that was sweet.

today, when mommy asked asked if she was sweet or mean, sienna admitted that she was a mean girl. nobody believes that a little girl with such a sweet face and silly personality could ever be mean.  but hey, at least she was honest about it.  that counts for something, right?

(sienna admitted to pushing her friends because she was the line leader and they were cutting in front of her.  i say that is justified.  nobody messes with the line leader!)

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