sienna: 1.5, kyden: 0

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20141218-IMG_5327sienna and i had a dentist appointment today.  we love going to the dentist because there is a cool video game in the waiting room.  i wish they weren’t always so punctual so that we could have more time playing.  sienna and i also like getting lots of stickers and prizes from the treasure chest after our cleanings.

s20141218-IMG_5331ienna got x-rays today for the first time.  i went first to show her how it’s done.  the dental assistant wasn’t sure how it would go because she’s only 3yo, but we knew she’d do great.  sienna sat still and followed directions perfectly.  i set a good example for her.

while i was sitting in the chair getting my teeth cleaned, the dental assistant who was working on me was gushing to everyone about how well sienna did with her x-rays.  big frickin’ deal.  she told sienna that she was so good that she could pick 6 stickers.  SIX!  and then she said that after her cleaning and exam, she could pick THREE more stickers and that would mean that she would have TEN stickers total.  ummm, no it doesn’t.  “that’s NINE”, i said.  the whole office burst out in laughter.  i guess the dental assistant was concentrating on cleaning my teeth and not on doing math.

20141218-kyden xraymy cleaning and exam went well.  no cavities!  but remember my shark teeth?  i’ve known for awhile that i have two of them.  but guess what.  it turns out that i have three!  auntie margaret (my dentist) said she’s never seen a kid with three shark teeth before.  i am extra extra extra special.

sienna’s cleaning and exam were fine, but guess what.  she has a cavity!  she has also has the beginnings of a cavity starting to form, so that’s like one 1.5 cavities.  i guess that’s one of the downsides of sienna being so independent.  she brushes her teeth by herself every day, but she obviously isn’t doing a good enough job getting in between her teeth (which are really close together).  mommy and daddy (mostly mommy) feel bad about not helping sienna brush and floss every day, but i guarantee that they’re gonna be more religious about that from now on.

sienna is gonna get a filling in a couple of weeks.  she is a little freaked out about getting a shot in her gums, but she is super brave (and auntie margaret is the best dentist ever) so i know she is going to be just fine.

current cavity count:  sienna 1.5, kyden 0.

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