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starting transitional kindergarten was an adjustment for me: new school, new schedule, new friends, new rules, etc.  but i’m handling it well.  luckily for me, i have mommy to help me remember my healthy snack and tote bag every day, homework folder and poetry binder on mondays, share item on tuesdays, red school shirt on wednesdays, and library book on fridays.  whew.

one of the changes that came along with TK was mandatory homework.  i was worried about it at first.  i asked mommy if it was going to be too hard for me.  mommy told me that i was going to love it, because i love to learn.  and she was right.  my regular homework is actually really fun.  each day, in addition to reading for 15 minutes, i have one activity to complete.  here are some examples from this month’s homework sheet:

  • tell what you think it would have been like to travel on the mayflower.
  • write a friend’s phone number.
  • guess how long it will take for an ice cube to melt.  time it to check your guess.
  • make up and tell a story about five little pilgrims and a turkey.
  • make popcorn.  glue the kernels onto paper to write the letters in your name.

fun stuff, right?  so when i heard that i was going to have homework to do in hawaii (since i was skipping 6 days of school), i wasn’t worried at all.  well lemme tell you… it SUCKED.  i wrote about it in my oahu vacation recap, but it’s worth repeating.  this is what i had to do for homework while we were in hawaii.

  • write upper and lower case letters and numbers every day
  • draw and caption a detailed picture of what i did each day
  • draw pictures of 16 items that start with the letters A, B, C, D
  • create simple patterns using objects that i saw each day
  • identify items in groups of 1-12
  • find things that start with each of the letters of my name
  • read for 15 minutes and and re-tell the stories
  • do jumping jacks and sprints

and that was on top of my regular homework sheet.  it was awful.  my penmanship is terrible to begin with, and i was rushing to finish so i could go play, so my letters and numbers just got messier and messier.  mommy kept making me erase them and write them over again.  it took FOREVER.  homework brought me to tears every day, and mommy was so frustrated that she almost cried, too.  mommy said that if this is what it is going to be like, one of us if not going to survive the next 14 years of homework.

mommy already told me that finishing high school is non-negotiable.  you know what that means?  that means that college is optional.  i have already decided that i am definitely not going to college.  who the heck would sign up to do more homework when they don’t have to?

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