lab specimens and finger pasta

Posted by kyden on Friday Sep 12, 2014 Under sienna

20140912-IMG_4414today, sienna had her regular once-every-4-months check up with her dermatologist at UCSF.  no new news.  her genetic skin condition (pityriasis rubra pilaris, type IV) continues to progress slowly.  there’s still no cure.  and mommy still doesn’t want to have a biopsy performed on sienna.  so basically, mommy took the day off of work to take sienna into the city… to be examined by more new doctors and learn no new info.  sienna’s primary doc told mommy that she hopes she doesn’t feel like sienna is a lab specimen.  mommy said she does, but she gets it.  i sort of think that this is how her appointments are going to be for awhile.

20140912-IMG_4418after the appointment, mommy and sienna were hungry.  sienna said she wanted finger pasta (penne) for lunch, so mommy looked for italian restaurants in the city.  she found a michelin-starred place, but it ended up having a dress code and they were way under-dressed.  so instead. they ended up at a fancy italian restaurant in walnut creek called massimo ristorante.  mommy and sienna had a nice mommy/daughter lunch date and enjoyed the warm afternoon on the patio.  so i guess the day wasn’t totally lost. 🙂

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