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Posted by kyden on Wednesday Sep 10, 2014 Under sienna

since things didn’t work out with the halau in danville, sienna has been looking for other dance classes. uncle henry actually found a dance studio in livermore that is enrolling new dancers for a holiday performance of “frozen”. perfect! we love that movie and we know a lot of the songs!

so today after school, we headed out to the dance studio to observe a class. we figured that livermore wouldn’t be too far — that’s where our swim lessons are. but… our school is little bit farther in the wrong direction, we got caught up in rush hour traffic, and this dance studio is DEEP into livermore. we never actually made it there. mommy decided that we couldn’t do this drive every week, so there was no reason to go to the class today.

on a whim, we decided to stop by the halau in pleasanton. they just started offering a wednesday evening class (today was the first) that would be perfect for us. unfortunately for sienna, they also just raised their minimum age from 3 to 4. we stopped by anyway.

when we entered the dance studio, the kumu introduced herself as “auntie gloria”. she was so warm and welcoming toward all of us, and she invited sienna to participate in the class.

after the class was over, mommy talked to auntie gloria and asked a few questions, just like she did at the halau in danville. these two halaus are so opposite of each other! this halau in pleasanton doesn’t compete at all (but they do perform a couple of times a year). auntie gloria teaches just for the love of hula, hawaiian culture, and of course, the kids. (she even taught preschool for many years.)

mommy braced herself, and then broke the news to auntie gloria that sienna had just turned 3 years old and didn’t meet the new age requirement. without hesitation, auntie gloria said she would make an exception for sienna. she was more concerned that mommy was feeling comfortable about sienna actually learning and getting value from the class. (if you watched the video, you probably noticed that sienna was mostly just sitting and watching.)

well, sienna is now an official hula girl.  if you’re interested, the name of the hula school is halau makana lani. i’m pretty sure they’ll be performing at the art and wind festival in san ramon next memorial day weekend, so mark it on your calendar!

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