stripes and stripes forever and ever and ever

Posted by kyden on Monday Feb 3, 2014 Under Uncategorized

20140203-IMG_1262sienna is a big girl now.  she made an easy transition into the peacocks class (2.5 – 3 yos) at school, she can use the potty by herself, and she picks out her own clothes and gets dressed by herself.  this is all good.  almost.

the problem is, she has no fashion sense.  she understands matching, and she looks for common colors in each piece of clothing that she puts on, but she doesn’t get that the same concept does not apply to patterns.  remember when daddy dressed me in a mismatched outfit because he thought that green matches with green matches with green?  sienna apparently thinks that stripes matches with stripes matches with stripes.  i wonder where she gets that from.

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