she FINALLY gets it

Posted by kyden on Thursday Jan 19, 2012 Under sienna

before today, baby sister sat through all of her doctor’s visits all smiley and happy. she was just too little to understand that at the end of her appointment, she was going to get stabbed with those long needles.  i knew she’d get it one day.  that day is today.

i went to baby’s 6=month checkup with her this morning.  she goes to a different doctor than i do (i know it’s weird — ask mommy about it) so i didn’t recognize the building from the outside.  but when we entered the waiting room, i knew it looked familiar.  i had been there once before.  i  nervously told mommy that i wanted to leave, but she promised me that i wouldn’t get any shots.  i believed her.  so i just played on the slide in the waiting room.  it was fun.

when we went into the exam room, i found a basket of toys to play with and a book to read.  i hung out and played while we waited.  a couple of times, i told baby that we should go, but she didn’t listen.  mommy undressed her and put her on the crinkly paper, and she SCREAMED.  i told her to escape while she had the chance, but she didn’t listen.

the nurse managed to measure baby sister through all that screaming.  here are her stats:

  • weight:  15 pounds 2 ounces (35 %ile)
  • length:  26.5 inches (77 %ile)
  • head circumference:  41.7 cm (25%)

when the doctor came in, i tensed up.  again, i asked mommy if we could leave, but she said no.  and she was saving her best ammo for that moment — “words”!  she let me play 14 games of hanging with friends all by myself.  i even managed to guess 2 words correctly!   a 14% success rate won’t set any records, but not bad for a 2 year old, right?

that was enough to get me through the rest of the appointment.  i barely even  noticed when mommy put baby sister back on the exam table for her 3 shots and yucky syrup.  baby sister noticed, though — she started crying as soon as her body touched that crinkly paper.  maybe she’ll listen to me next time when i tell her to get outta there.

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  1. Auntie Barb Says:

    What were your stats at YOUR 2 month visits? I think you were fatter than baby sis! Next time, you have to just tell her No No No, dont sit on the crinkly paper!

  2. kyden Says:

    baby sister is the same weight and only 1/2 inch longer than i was at 4 months old. and she is SIX months old. so, yeah, i was a much bigger baby. but i carry all my weight in my neck, and baby sister carries it all in her cheeks 🙂

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