the sweater vest: “must-have” for fall

Posted by kyden on Monday Sep 19, 2011 Under sienna

i didn’t get to go to my first wedding until i was 8 months old.  baby sister is only 8 weeks old and she went with us to a wedding this weekend!  we got all dressed up in our fancy clothes.  i heard that sweater vests have been “out” since the 90’s, but i wore mine anyway.  gung-gung says that fashion trends cycle every 20 years or so, so i wanted to bring the sweater vest back in style for this fall.  i guess logan had the same idea because he was rockin’ his sweater vest, too!

during the wedding ceremony, auntie judy was playing the piano.  i kept telling mama to bring me over there so i could play too, but mama wasn’t listening.  i know she must have heard me though, because i was the only one talking.  everyone else was quietly watching the wedding party walk down the aisle.  maybe chatty kids like me are the reason for adult-only weddings.

lots of my friends were at the wedding, too.  logan and chloe were at my table.  at the table next to us were greyson, abby, and my new friend allison.  some of the other kids went home early, but baby sister and i partied until past 10pm!  maybe that’s why we look drunk in this family photo 😛

2 Responses to “the sweater vest: “must-have” for fall”

  1. Isaac Says:

    Hey!! My Mommy made me wear one this past weekend too! It was hot, but I was glad cuz inside was cold!

  2. kyden Says:

    *fist bump* isaac! i guess we’re both trend-setters 😀

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