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remember when i was little, i had a 100 day red egg and ginger party?  i thought i was the only kid in the whole world who would be lucky enough to have a party like that because i’m half-japanese and half-chinese.  (the 100 day celebration is a japanese tradition and the red egg and ginger are chinese traditions.)  but then baby greyson came along!

today was baby greyson’s 100 day red egg and ginger party.  i knew that it was a special occasion, so i wore a collared shirt, and i even picked out some fancy dress shoes.  unfortunately, daddy wanted to wear the shoes that i picked, so i had to change to different ones.  oh well.  i had a hard time walking in those shoes anyway.

greyson’s party was at a teppanyaki restaurant.  it was so fun to watch the chef cook my food right in front of me.  he even made a onion volcano that had fire coming out of it!  mama and daddy said that i’ve been to a restaurant like that before, but i don’t remember it.  i guess my memory is going in my old age.

i had a fun time at greyson’s party.  aside from the yummy food, i got to hang out with older twin girls (katie and ellie) and i met a new friend (kaylen).  kaylen kept touching me and hugging me, just like kimora did at logan’s birthday party.  i guess younger women just can’t keep their hands off of me.  awesome! 😀

happy 100 days to greyson, my half-japanese / half-chinese brother!

4 Responses to “half-and-half”

  1. Logan Says:

    What about me? Can I be your brother too? I’m 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 Chinese. Does that count?

  2. kyden Says:

    logan, i’m not sure… i’m not good at fractions.

  3. Auntie Barb Says:

    You are so grown up! I can hardly recognize you!

  4. kyden Says:

    auntie barb, you don’t recognize me??? is it because i look like a clown wearing daddy’s big ol’ shoes?

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