i am 13 months old

Posted by kyden on Monday Nov 1, 2010 Under Uncategorized

mama said that after you turn 1, you no longer get to make a big deal of your month birthdays.  fine.  but there are still so many changes every month, so i’m gonna tell you about ’em.

things i like:

  • throwing my toys outside of my playpen (mama and daddy just LOVE it when i do this)
  • washing my hands (mama and daddy used to think that i liked playing with koda’s food and water, but really, i just like washing my hands… which i always get to do after playing with koda’s food and water!)
  • my new parking lot (daddy made it for me so i would have a place to park all my cool rides — 2 strollers, cozy coupe, 2 ride on cars)
  • sign language (just when mama was about to give up on me, i started signing back to her.  i blame her for not being consistent and daddy for not even trying at all.)
  • banging (knocking) on neighbor’s doors
  • barrel rolls (i learned this in gym class)
  • decorating the bathroom by unrolling rolls of toilet paper and dragging them all around
  • PB&J
  • riding in my forward-facing car seat
  • nature walks around the neighborhood
  • cruising around in my cozy coupe
  • “reading” to myself (i really am reading and turning the pages of the book.  it’s not my fault that nobody understands me)
  • trying to figure out how our porch light knows to turn on when i’m standing there and turn off when i leave (it’s like magic!)

things i don’t like:

  • socks and shoes (as soon as i am out of sight/reach mama and daddy hear the sound of my shoes being un-velcro’d.  a few seconds later, i hold up my socks and shoes and beam with pride :D)
  • the torture table in my doctor’s office (this is where the nurse always sticks me with needles)

2 Responses to “i am 13 months old”

  1. Logan Says:

    You have a parking lot! That’s awesome! I only have one thing to park, so I guess daddy lets me park it anywhere. I don’t drive it much anyway. Whenver we go out, I hear daddy complaining about asian drivers and how they can’t drive or park. Please do us proud and help break the stereotype! Park well!

  2. kyden Says:

    i like to drive my cozy coupe up people’s driveways, and then freefall down the decline. my coupe spins around and backwards and sometimes fishtails. i haven’t rolled my car yet, so that must mean that i am an awesome driver!

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